The best way to tell you about this game is to tell you how we came up with the idea. Everyone at Repulse loves anime. Especially fantasy stuff like Full Metal Alchemist, Attack on Titan, Berserk.

We have been making VR games for 3 years now. When we finished our last project the question came up. What if, we could bring what we love most about fantasy anime to a full interactive VR experience.

We didn't want to do just a story that you can watch. Or just the sex, or just a battle system. We want everything: A story, To participate in the battles, To fly through skies using a grappling hook, To explore an anime world, choices, and to do whatever we feel like with sexy anime girls.

All of this in full VR, and of course with the option to play without VR.

We are putting together some of the pieces. We have an early pre-alpha that you can test out. We update it every 2 weeks and also provide changelogs, and videos explaining the changes. Right now we are looking for early testers that can help us make this game better. If you are interested in becoming a tester, or following our progress on this.




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Sku11bro Pat
Pre alpha first impresions

Pre Alpha Gameplay

Pre Alpha Gameplay
Early Alpha Gameplay v0.45
Early Alpha Gameplay v0.53

Ross Senpai
Pre Alpha Preview - First Look

Iragon Gameplay Test

Iragon v0.53 VR 紳士遊戲
Iragon Webpage official site

Gamasutra Press Releases Announcement
Gamasutra's cover of the announcement of Iragon pre-alpha testing

About Repulse

We are a virtual reality game development studio. We are a small fully agile software development team. We build rapid iterations of working software in short 2 week sprints.
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Iragon Credits

In alphabetical order by first name.

Bojidar Savov
Level Design
Gergana Petkanska
Graphic Design, 3d Modeler
Hristo Arabadjiev
Sound Designer
Kristiyan Shikov
Martina Cvetanova
Multimedia Designer
Nikolai Marinov
Nikolay Krastev
Rumen Dzhurov
Multimedia Designer
Teodor Chehovich
3D Modeler