Iragon is both a VR and non-VR story driven action game, set in a fantasy medieval world filled with magic, elves and wizards. The non-VR mode allows the player to experience it from a 3rd person’s perspective. A war between the nations of Balmoros and The Empire has left their people with lifelong bad blood. You step in the shoes of Darick - a 18-year-old boy who is on his way to becoming a knight under the guidance of his father - a Balmoros knight who took part in the war. One day, Darick stumbles upon a mysterious girl carrying an even more mysterious book. It contains a secret that The Empire wants to get a hold of at any cost. Now you find yourself on a magical journey, guided by your loyal elf friend through adventures that are going to either break you or shape your character as you uncover the deep secret that can change the course of Balmoros’ history.




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Pre alpha first impresions

Pre Alpha Gameplay

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Gamasutra Press Releases Announcement
Gamasutra's cover of the announcement of Iragon pre-alpha testing

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Iragon Credits

In alphabetical order by first name.

Bojidar Savov
Level Design
Dimitar Katzarov
3D Modeler
Gergana Petkanska
Graphic Design, 3d Modeler
Hagop O
Kristiyan Shikov
Nikolai Marinov
Teodor Chehovich
3D Modeler