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PC (Requires Oculus or HTC Vive)


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10 Cupcakes is a sci-fi action VR game set in a dystopian future where an alien race, known as the Cirinians, has come to earth and asserted itself as the ruler of humanity. The positive public image they have created for themselves acts as a vail to hide the experiments they have been performing on us. But it's exactly those shady tests that end up biting the Cirinians asses when they accidentally let loose their most dangerous creation who proceeded to slaughter its creators. In 10 Cupcakes you take the role of a genetically enhanced super soldier who was created with the sole purpose of warfare. Punch your way through enemies, ride flying vehicles, dual wield any gun you come across, fight monstrous bosses, eat cupcakes and visit the interactive strip club to relax after all that rampaging.


Repulse was founded in December 2016 by inspired individuals who wanted to test the limits of what could be experienced through VR. We wanted to fly, fight, break things, feel like superheroes. The goal we have set for ourselves is to deliver to the world the immersive interactive virtual reality experiences that we have always dreamed of. 10 Cupcakes is the child of that ambition. Production of the game started shortly after the company formed. We've gone a long way since then and now 10 Cupcakes is approaching release.


  • Physics based punching - Hit enemies by transferring your punch velocity into the game.
  • Realistic climbing experience - Hang from zip lines mid-air and rely on monkey bars to progress through the game.
  • Smash objects - The levels feature destructible objects which you can enjoy destroying.
  • Feast on food - Replenish your health by eating delicious looking cupcakes and burgers.
  • Variety of enemies and weapons - Shoot, punch, blow up enemies, step into the shoes of a super soldier and experience the uniqueness of the bosses in the game.
  • Gogo dancing bar - A bar with a champagne room and randomly generated beautiful women.


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Selected Articles

  • "...bad-ass, sexy, and totally not awkward alien-shooting, random-woman-kissing..."
    - Dougie Powell, Hey Poor Player
  • "It was a very big and emotional experience for me to try the "10 Cupcakes" VR game. I can recommend it to anyone"
    - Mariela Hubinova, Bulgarian National TV
  • "10 Cupcakes Launches Beta Test"
    - Rebecca Hills-Duty, VR Focus
  • "I like this game and its graphics are very well made. I can say this game scores a 9 out of 10"
    - Staki, GPlayTV
  • "It’s an interesting looking game that promises plenty of adrenaline fuelled Sci-Fi action and a little titillation"
    - KJ Robertson, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • "We are quite impressed with what we experienced from this game."
    - Ivailo Chervenkov, Plovdiv TV
  • "...Edgy enough to get some attention."
    - Jim Sterling, Best of Steam Greenlight
  • "yes, they have managed to make this game even more ridiculous then we first thought"
    - VR and Stuff, vrandstuff.co.uk
  • "10 Cupcakes Enters Closed Beta Testing"
    - Game Zoo, gamezoomedia.com
  • "VR Game- 10 Cupcakes Closed BETA testing starts today"
    - Any Button Gaming, ab-gaming.com
  • "这是一款科幻游戏?《10个纸杯蛋糕》将推出VR内测 (Chinese)"
    - 17178, 17178.com
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    - AYB Online , aybonline.com
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We are a virtual reality game development studio. We are a small fully agile software development team. We build rapid iterations of working software in short 2 week sprints.

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10 Cupcakes Credits

Kristiyan Shikov

Nikolai Marinov

Hagop O

Dimitar Katzarov
Concept Artist

Bojidar Savov
Level Design

Gergana Petkanska
Graphic Design, 3d Modeller

Velina Ilieva
3d Modeller

Repulse Game Studios